Price Comparison of Cadillac Cimarron Car Wheels (Steel, Alloy, Chrome, Covers)

Some people truly underestimate just how safe their Cadillac Cimarron vehicle's components need to be until it's too late. Even something as seemingly innocent as a set of rims can be the cause of cataclysmic disaster if they happen to bend or break in any way. If you need a quality set of replacement wheels, we have the widest selection in the industry. From chrome and gold-finished alloys to heavy-duty steel wheels, we run the entire gamut when it comes to rims. You'll always find exactly what you need with us.

Used Wheel Like it or not, Cadillac Cimarron automobile owners, size does matter. Of course, this doesn't mean you need to buy the biggest truck you can find. But it does mean that you must order the proper size rims for your replacements. Unless you're looking to lose performance, spend thousands modifying your vehicle or even getting into an accident, any set of Cimarron rims you purchase—steel, alloy, composite, etc—has to be the right size. We'll help you figure out what you need, down to the millimeter, and fix you up with the right set today.

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1. Not Actual Picture1988 Cadillac Cimarron 14" x 4" Steel WheelPart Number: STL01202U45
Rating:  Perfect

Notes: Steel Wheel; 14 X 4; Spare; 5 Lug; 100MM BP; Ident 9591887; Black
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty  Brand:  OEM New
Buy New: $70.00


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No two things are necessarily alike, and this includes a set of rims you'll purchase from a independent dealer with little reach and a set you'll get from a factory warehouse with thousands of OEM Cadillac Cimarron quality parts on tap. The latter will offer a better all-around service, including offering lower prices on higher quality. And at the end of the day, that's what it's all about when shopping for rims.

Whether new or used, OEM or aftermarket, Cadillac Cimarron wheels and rims can be purchased from a variety of places. This leaves you with one important question that must be answered: where to shop. You could choose a small-time dealer, if you want lesser quality and higher prices. But for the gusto, go with a large, reputable company you can trust, dealing in thousands of warranty-protected parts and customer-friendly services. Quality makes all the difference.

Independent Cadillac Cimarron Car Wheel Shops

1. Rick's Tires & Service, 325 West Avenue, Fredericksburg, IA, 50630.
2. Napa Auto Parts, 125 South 5th Street, Canon City, CO, 81212.
3. Hanifin's Tire & Service Center, 1 Genesee Street, Oneida, NY, 13421.
4. Costco Wholesale Inc, 8810 Tampa Avenue, Northridge, CA, 91324.
5. Tire Warehouse & Auto Center, 41 W Church, Spring Valley, NY, 10977.
6. Cmb Custom Wheels & Tires, 348 Edgefield Road, North Augusta, SC, 29841.