Price Comparison of Buick Skyhawk Car Wheels (Steel, Alloy, Chrome, Covers)

Are you replacing your Skyhawk wheel rims due to safety reasons? If so, you'll want something for strength and security, no doubt. Maybe you'll want to go with steel. These rims are ultra-strong, super durable and relatively cheap all around the board. Regardless of what type of Buick Skyhawk wheel you choose, rest assured knowing that our wide selection is the highest possible quality in the entire industry. Whatever you need, we have a set of rims for you.

Used Wheel Interested in a set of replacement rims for your car or truck? Before you shop them from just anywhere, there are a few things you need to know about this vitally important Buick Skyhawk part. Unless your wheels are in stellar condition, accidents can easily happen; and if you don't purchase quality, you're one bad turn away from disaster. We're currently offering a wide range of quality rims, from alloy and steel to composite customs and even wheel covers for an attractive look.

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1. Not Actual Picture1989 Buick Skyhawk 14" x 4" Steel WheelPart Number: STL01202U45
Rating:  Perfect

Notes: Steel Wheel; 14 X 4; Spare; 5 Lug; 100MM BP; Ident 9591887; Black
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty  Brand:  OEM New
Buy New: $70.00


Buick Skyhawk Car/Truck Wheels Online Stores

Whether new or used, OEM or aftermarket, Buick Skyhawk wheels and rims can be purchased from a variety of places. This leaves you with one important question that must be answered: where to shop. You could choose a small-time dealer, if you want lesser quality and higher prices. But for the gusto, go with a large, reputable company you can trust, dealing in thousands of warranty-protected parts and customer-friendly services. Quality makes all the difference.

The key to successfully shopping for Skyhawk rims and tries has to do with the venue you choose to do business with. It might sound like common sense, but you want to stay away from the small dealers offering no incentives, no warranty features and higher prices. Instead, go with a larger and more reputable distributor, giving you affordable quality that's backed up by warranty and price-match features. This way, you know you're getting the best deal.

Independent Buick Skyhawk Car Wheel Shops

1. Cody's Tire Service, 1278 Main Street, White Pine, TN, 37890.
2. Elizabeth Autocare, 274 Lovedale Rd, Elizabeth, PA, 15037.
3. Budget Tire CO of Cinti, 2600 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH, 45206.
4. A & C Tire Repair, 9254 West Van Buren Street, Tolleson, AZ, 85353.
5. H & H Tire Service, 5610 Avenue 400, Dinuba, CA, 93618.